Cabin Cots keep you comfy in all conditions!

The Tent Wonder Of The World
Ventura Camp Systems' Cabin Cots go anywhere, and keep rain, bugs, and lumpy ground from disturbing your night's sleep!

Tired of leaky tents and uncomfortable sleeping terrain and bugs? Go and camp where no man has camped before. For outdoor enthusiasts worldwide comes the most advanced camping system for fold-out cots yet - Cabin Cots!

The Cabin Cots Advantage

Weighing in at less than 5 pounds*, the patented Cabin Cot tent system will provide you with a sound night's rest, and 100% protection from weather, mosquitoes, scorpions, centipedes, etc. no matter where and what terrain you are in.

Cabin Cots are light, durable and airy!

Our unique, original and patented sheltered air flow design allows for the average wooden or aluminum cot to be turned into an outdoor tent in any environment.

The flow-through ventilation system keeps your Cabin Cot comfortable in any conditions.

Cabin Cots keep you comfortable on any ground surface

Whether you're camping on grass, sand, dirt, rocks, or even water, Cabin Cots keep you off the ground, bug-free, and safe from the elements!

Cabin Cots are thoroughly tested

We at Ventura Camp Systems have tested our "Cabin Cot" tent under every outdoor condition with great success and comfort - you will love sleeping in your Cabin Cot!

Using Solar Panels for Camping

Using camping solar panels can significantly enhance the overall camping experience. With the ability to provide a reliable power source, campers can enjoy using their devices and appliances without worrying about running out of battery.

Not only is using solar panels a more convenient option, but it is also environmentally conscious as it reduces dependence on fossil fuels. Campers can reduce their carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources and creating a cleaner environment.

Solar panels allow longer stays in remote locations as they eliminate the need for noisy generators. Incorporating solar panels into a camping trip can provide a more sustainable and peaceful outdoor experience. Be sure to select the right sized solar panels for your camping trip to ensure you have sufficient energy.

Cabin Cot accessories are available

Cots also available!Need a cot to go with your Cabin-Cot? We have wooden and aluminum cots available. Click here.

Cabin Cots are perfect for our service personnel!

We love our soldiers, and want to do our part to help them do their job! Cabin Cots are available at special prices for government branches and military personnel - call us for details at (808)876-1915, or toll free at (800)730-2358.

Cabin Cots are guaranteed!

With quality craftsmanship, top-grade materials, and attention to every detail of manufacture, Cabin Cots will give you years of service with minimal care - we guarantee it!

* This weight includes the spreader bar which is part of the 2004 model.
The "original" model weighs less than 4 lbs.
Please see Specs page if you'd like more information about this.


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